Annual report 2006: Selected issues

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Welcome to the online version of the selected issues that accompany the 2006 annual report.

Selected issues:

1: European drug policies: extended beyond illicit drugs?
Nearly all European countries now frame their drug policy initiatives within an overall national drugs strategy or action plan. An in-depth analysis of drug policy in Europe in this selected issue reveals a broadening of the scope of these drug strategies to encompass licit addictive substances, such as alcohol, tobacco and medicines, as well as illicit drugs.
2: A gender perspective on drug use and responding to drug problems
The influence of gender not only on patterns and levels of drug consumption in Europe but also on how responses to drug problems are planned and implemented is explored in this selected issue. Based on a scientific analysis of the available data, it concludes that policy-makers, professionals and scientists must always take gender into consideration in the planning of research, analysis, interventions and policy in the drugs field.
3: Developments in drug use within recreational settings
This selected issue covers all aspects of drug use by young people in music and dance settings, providing data on prevalence and patterns of use, drug availability and the role of the Internet in drug supply and promotion. The risk factors for this type of drug use are outlined as are the health consequences of drug use in these settings. Responses to drug use in recreational settings are covered in depth, both in terms of legislation at national and European levels and in terms of drug prevention programmes.